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Nurse Chatterjee

A whisper of essence 



Jadah Parks Chatterjee, a guardian of maternal and child well-being, dons the mantle of a Registered Nurse specializing in lactation consultancy. Her practice is a symphony of evidence-based wisdom, tender care, and a sprinkle of affection.


In the sacred dance of life's beginnings, Jadah imparts the gift of safe infant feeding knowledge to families, nurturing informed choices in the gentle embrace of the postpartum phase. As a healing presence in hospitals, her hands weave threads of comfort and guidance for the new journey ahead.

A luminary of Louisiana State University and Mount Saint Mary’s Nursing School, Jadah's essence shines brightly in the co-creation of "Sticky, A Germ’s Story".

A fierce #rockmom hailing from the enchanting lands of Louisiana, she now dwells in the Southern realms. Balancing the realms of work, motherhood, Beloved companionship, and a fervent dedication to enhancing maternal and infant health outcomes, Jadah's heart beats with a rhythm of service and love.


The Mystical Services Unveiled

Sustaining the life of babies with infant feeding education and consulting services.  

Crafting the

nourishment blueprint.

Virtually illuminating parental paths in nurturing their sweet babies.  

Boost your superpowers in being the ultimate sidekick for breastfeeding parents!


Secure a spot for me to dazzle the crowd at your next event. 

"Sticky: A Germ's Story"

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As featured on The Doctors

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